What are the top courses for learning Salesforce in 2020?

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Salesforce Trailhead:Provider: SalesforceCost: FreeDescription: Salesforce Trailhead is Salesforce's official learning platform. It offers interactive, hands-on modules and trails for various Salesforce products, roles, and skill levels. It covers everything from basic concepts to advanced development and administration.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Course:Provider: UdemyCost: Varies (often discounted)Description: This Udemy course focuses on preparing for the Salesforce Administrator Certification. It covers the key concepts, functionalities, and tasks that administrators need to know. The course includes video lectures, quizzes, and practical exercises.

Salesforce Developer Training for Beginners:Provider: Salesforce BenCost: FreeDescription: This free online course by Salesforce Ben is designed for beginners who want to become Salesforce developers. It covers the basics of Apex programming, Visualforce, and general Salesforce development concepts.

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Course:Provider: PluralsightCost: Subscription-basedDescription: Pluralsight offers a comprehensive course for the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification. It covers the topics included in the certification exam, such as data modeling, security, user interfaces, and business logic.

Salesforce Lightning Web Components & Aura Framework Course:Provider: UdemyCost: Varies (often discounted)Description: This Udemy course is designed for developers interested in learning about Salesforce Lightning Web Components and the Aura Framework. It covers the basics of Lightning components and advanced concepts.

Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification Course:Provider: LinkedIn LearningCost: Subscription-basedDescription: This course on LinkedIn Learning is designed for experienced Salesforce administrators looking to earn the Advanced Administrator Certification. It covers advanced configuration, automation, and security topics.

Apex Academy: Absolute Beginner's Guide to Coding in Salesforce:Provider: Salesforce DeveloperCost: FreeDescription: Apex is Salesforce's programming language, and this free course is a beginner-friendly introduction to coding in Salesforce. It covers the fundamentals of Apex development.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Complete Course:Provider: UdemyCost: Varies (often discounted)Description: This Udemy course is focused on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It covers various aspects of Marketing Cloud, including Email Studio, Journey Builder, Automation Studio, and more.

Always check the most recent reviews and ratings before enrolling in any course, as the quality of online courses can vary. Additionally, Salesforce regularly updates its certifications and features, so staying informed about the latest changes in the Salesforce ecosystem is essential.

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