Who is the best online Quran tutor?

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Referring to an extremely Qualified Hafiz Qaari Quran Teacher who has helped me HIFZ of Quran at a much later stage of my life. He teaches online Quran Tajweed and completes the Hifz Program for both kids and adults. He has around 16 years of experience teaching the Quran online and in person. His Profile: ➡︎Can teach students in English and Urdu. ➡︎He is qualified in Tajweed and Qirat ➡︎ Completed his Bachelors ➡︎ Taught in multiple renowned Institutes in Pakistan ➡︎ Operate a YouTube channel for teaching the Quran for free SYED RAFIQ BUKHARI

Here are his Details Syed Rafeeq Bukhari +92 300 3495142

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