Can students learn as effectively in an online environment as they do in a traditional classroom setting? What are the potential factors that may affect their learning?

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No. Absolutely not. Most students in grades 6–12, lack the self discipline to stay focused on the lessons, no matter how they are presented or how entertaining the program is. Often they go down the rat holes on the internet and only with an alert teacher are they brought back on task. Alone at home there usually there is no one to keep them on track. During the Covid lockdowns, about 2/3 of students never logged in to do their lessons, much less attempted any work. Students need to he able to reflect with other students and teachers personally, in a classroom, to get the most out of a lesson. It is part of the learning and socialization process.

There can be and is a place for using computers, but they are more a distraction than an effective learning tool.

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