Is online schooling going to mean the end of "Snow Days"?

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Best answer, Maybe. Speaking here as a teacher-survivor of the 4th quarter of 2020 and the 20–21 school years…The Covid-School experience suggested some interesting options for the future.

Certainly one was that kids could now stay home when snowbound and not lose a day of teaching. That was more appealing to me than possibly extending the school year into the summer with makeup days. The challenge of course is whether families would be able to accommodate bouncing into remote days at a moments notice. Parents would need to be prepared at the beginning of the school year for this possibility. With advanced prep. I think you could pull it off.

I do recall making the statement in a faculty meeting, fall of ’20, that snow days would become a thing of the past now that we have mastered remote learning on a school-wide basis. Then along came the great Texas Freeze of ‘21. Homes without power, wifi, heat. So, weather-permitting, snowy remote learning should be an option for consideration. Of course, tons of variables from district to district and state to state.

There are other productive possibilities for situational remote learning but I’ll stick to the snowy day question for now. Good Question!

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