What are some recommended online resources for self-teaching Latin and Ancient Greek?

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Of course! Thanks to the abundance of resources available, learning Latin and Ancient Greek online has become more accessible. The following websites are suggested reads in both languages:

Latin: Courses & Textbooks:

Frederic M. Wheelock's Wheelock's Latin is a well-known textbook that many students use.

The popular Cambridge Latin Course is a resource for learning Latin.

Benjamin L. D'Ooge's Latin for Beginners is a free public domain book.

Sites & Networks:

Latintutorial: Provides resources, tests, and video lectures.

Perseus Digital Library: An extensive online resource featuring study aids and Latin literature.

Latin Library: Provides a number of texts written in Latin.


SPQR Latin is a smartphone app that teaches Latin grammar and vocabulary.

Latin word decks to help with vocabulary memorization can be found in Memrise or Anki, two flashcard applications.

Discussion Boards & Communities:

Latin Stack Exchange: A user-run Q&A forum for people interested in learning Latin.

Greek Classics: Books & Courses:

Athenaze: A popular series that approaches studying Ancient Greek organically.

The Joint Association of Classical Teachers' Reading Greek is an additional all-inclusive course for studying Ancient Greek.

Sites & Networks:

Textkit: Provides a range of free materials, such as forums and textbooks, for studying Greek and Latin.

Perseus Digital Library: Similarly to Latin, Perseus provides an extensive array of Greek literature and research resources.

The Ancient Greek Tutorials: Provides resources and free online tutorials for studying Ancient Greek.


An app called Athenaze Vocabulary Flashcards was created especially to go along with the Athenaze textbook series.

Ancient Greek vocabulary cards are available for practice on Memrise and Anki.

Discussion Boards & Communities:

Greek Language Stack Exchange: An active community-run Q&A website for fans and learners of Ancient Greek culture.

As you advance in your studies, think about utilising these tools in addition to attending workshops or webinars, joining online or local study groups, and looking for simpler books or graded readers.

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