What specific benefits have you noticed in personalized online learning compared to traditional classroom learning?

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I had answered similar question about a year ago …, but knowing that people’s memory is very short lived,I shall answer your question briefly …

On line : 1. Students stay home and attend online classes .They therefore save their travelling time…. which in most of the cases are too long and often rob students of their playtime ! Students who go to schools on their bikes or walk to and fro , are prone to accidents…. sometimes they prove fatal ! 2. a. Students don’t waste their time in class rooms or schools,chitchatting ,mischiefs or such things ! 2.b. Though above is missed but in online classes,students may bunk but a teacher won’t know ! Or some oversmart students may call their friends who are not studying in their schools and the teachers won’t know ! This is certainly loss making for private tutoring institutions and certainly immoral and unlawful !

Students also would be in the online class but may read novels or play some games like playing cards or chess ,etc.& thus fool the faculty members !

3. Male students may harass female students ,knowing fully well that there is no one to stop them . As far as parents are concerned,they aren’t presen during class / periods either they being working parents or mothers busy in their household chores ! 3. The 2a. above is also a bane as students miss their class rooms ,their benches,seats ,friends and peers ,teachers , libraries,auditoriums,audiovisual rooms,computer and other labs . They also miss opportunities to learn extra curricular activities ,competitions,annual days or gatherings and parades , excursion and educational trips etc. etc.

4. Offline education is costlier and hefty fees by private schools . are charged so that various facilities could be provided… but many institutions which are reputed collect donations too ! In online classes these costs are saved by students parents …

I can site many more examples for and against both. Others too can add many more… However the following may be worth recording here…

Covid 19 has shown us how staying home or working from home was beneficial… It reduced unnecessary errands and travels ! It gave us the opportunities to enjoy family . Many workers single or married working from home returned to their parental homes . Parents,grandparents (in third world & developing countries ) . Whole families enjoyed each other’s company It was as if clock had turned backwards to earlier era of joint family system . It saved costs of fuels for the nation ,import costs for crude oils and coal…. Interests and bank commissions to American and European Exchange Bankers and commission agents !

It reduced atmospheric and environmental pollutions ! It showed the world that Indian firms and other African ,Asian ,South American nations were able to produce their own vaccines…. India not only provided free vaccinations to its own people but also provided vaccines to African and third world countries on humanitarian grounds ! On the other hand,rich America not only supplied vaccines at high costs to all its people but also treated other countries as

mere buyers and charged high prices.American and England even banned people not falling in line with the vital lifesaving antidotes ! People from India and other countries which refused to accede to such inhuman policies ; were refused entry in America & England inspite of valid Visas

Above may seem to be straying away from the main question… but on deep thought,one can appreciate the content….!

Some sceptics and cynics may ask why then Working from home culture was discontinued by developed nations and business firms alike ! My answer is ,it has been done by developed nations.Also all such business organisations which felt threatened and or loosing financial profits (eg Aviation and travel and tourism industries etc. ) colluded and reverted to old systems !

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