What are some free courses available to learn how to run a call centre business successfully and effectively? Which ones are the best?

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There are several free courses and resources available online that can help you learn how to run a call center business successfully and effectively. These courses cover various aspects of call center management, including customer service, technology, workforce management, and more. Here are some free courses and resources you can consider:

edX: edX offers a variety of free courses related to call center management and customer service. Some relevant courses include "Customer Service Principles" and "Managing the Customer Contact Center."

Coursera: Coursera offers free courses in customer service and business management. Courses like "Customer Experience Management" and "Customer Service Management Specialization" can be helpful.

LinkedIn Learning: While LinkedIn Learning requires a subscription, you can access many of its courses for free during a one-month trial. Look for courses on customer service, call center management, and leadership.

MIT OpenCourseWare: While not specifically focused on call centers, MIT OpenCourseWare offers numerous business management and communication courses that can provide valuable insights into the field.

YouTube: There are many YouTube channels that offer free tutorials and guides on call center management. Look for channels like "Call Centre Helper" and "Call Center Training Solutions" for informative videos.

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