What are your favorite YouTube channels, especially educational?

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I can tell you about some educational YouTube channels that are highly acclaimed by users and critics:

Science & Curiosity:

SciShow Psych: Unravel the mysteries of your mind with humor and engaging visuals.

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell: Stunning animations explain complex topics like black holes and the future of humanity.

Veritasium: Derek Alexander explores science with wonder and humor, from super slow motion to the science of everyday objects.

History & Literature:

Crash Course: John & Hank Green make history, literature, and science fun and accessible in bite-sized videos.

The School of Life: Philosophical insights on everyday challenges like relationships, work, and happiness.

Oversimplified: Complex historical events boiled down to engaging, animated stories.

Skill Development:

Khan Academy: A vast library of tutorials on almost any subject, from algebra to astrophysics.

Blender Guru: Master 3D animation and modeling with clear tutorials and inspiring projects.

The Coding Train: Make coding a playground with visual projects and beginner-friendly explanations.

Bonus Channels:

Mark Rober: Crazy science experiments with a comedic twist, like building the world's largest Nerf gun.

Smarter Every Day: Destin Sandlin takes viewers on mind-blowing adventures, from DIY jetpacks to exploring abandoned islands.

TED-Ed: Animated lessons on diverse topics, from the science of love to the history of chocolate.

Remember, the best educational channels are the ones that spark your curiosity and ignite your passion for learning. So, grab your metaphorical backpack and explore!

Happy discovering!

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