Which is the most popular online school for kids in Dubai, UAE?

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Vikalp India is most popular because it’s the only accredited online school which is activity-based. Students do activities and discover concepts. There is no lecture. Teachers facilitate or guide students in doing activities. While doing these activities students discover concepts on their own at their own pace. This makes learning fun and easy. It also leads to in-depth understanding of concepts.

Besides effortless learning, Vikalp also provides Arabic, French, Spanish, German language courses. Students learn to speak and write these language. Emphasis is on grammar and vocabulary. Students get to know about Arabic literature and culture. Educators taking these classes are world class. They are not ordinary B Ed teachers recruited from the neighborhood. They are facilitators who are trained to facilitate learning. They trigger the curiosity among students and make learning an automatic process.

There are only 5 or 6 students in the class. Teachers are able to pay individual attention to each student. Teachers can see whether students are able to follow the lessons or not. If some student is getting stuck, the teacher can devise alternative lesson plans accordingly. In the process no student is left behind. It doesn’t matter whether a student is a slow or fast learner. Diverse learning requirement of each student is met.

Moreover, students get all this at the comfort of their home. No time is wasted in going to some far-flung school. Students get more time to think, reflect and practice the concepts learned. Since there is flexible timing, students can join morning, evening or afternoon classes. If some students want to do sports or performing arts or pursue any other passion, they can continue doing it while studying in Vikalp.

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