What are some online courses that teach content writing and SEO together?

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Several online courses teach content writing and SEO together, offering comprehensive learning experiences for aspiring content creators. Here are some highly-rated options:

Free Courses:

Udemy's "Content Marketing Training" by Reliablesoft: This free course provides a comprehensive overview of content marketing, including content writing, SEO, and social media promotion.

SkillShare's "SEO Copywriting for Beginners" by Brian Dean: This free course focuses on writing SEO-friendly copy for websites and blogs.

Yoast Academy's "SEO Copywriting Training" by Joost de Valk: This free course offers practical tips on writing SEO-optimized content that ranks well in search engines.

Semrush Academy's "Role of Content Course with Eric Enge": This free course by renowned SEO expert Eric Enge delves into the role of content in successful SEO strategies.

Paid Courses:

AWAI's "The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting": This paid program by the American Writers & Artists Institute offers in-depth training on copywriting for various marketing materials, incorporating SEO principles.

LinkedIn Learning's "Learning to Write Marketing Copy": This paid course by LinkedIn Learning provides comprehensive instruction on writing effective marketing copy, including SEO best practices.

Digital Marketing Institute's "Content Marketing Course": This paid program by the Digital Marketing Institute covers content marketing strategies, including SEO techniques and content creation workflows.

Surfer SEO's "SEO Writing Masterclass": This paid course by Surfer SEO teaches you how to write content optimized for specific keywords and search intent, maximizing your SEO results.

Udemy's "Content, Copywriting & SEO Course": This paid course by Udemy combines learning modules on content writing, copywriting, and SEO, offering a well-rounded learning experience.

Additional Resources:

HubSpot Academy's "Content Marketing Certification Course": While not specifically focused on SEO, this free course provides valuable insights into content marketing strategies that complement SEO efforts.

Moz Beginner's Guide to SEO: This comprehensive guide by Moz offers practical SEO knowledge to enhance your content writing skills.

Copyblogger: This website offers a wealth of resources on content writing and copywriting, including articles, podcasts, and ebooks.

Choosing the Right Course:

When choosing a course, consider your budget, learning style, desired depth of knowledge, and specific needs. Some factors to consider include:

Course format: Do you prefer video lectures, written materials, or a combination of both?

Instructor experience: Look for courses taught by experienced professionals in content writing and SEO.

Curriculum content: Ensure the course covers the specific topics you are interested in.

Student reviews: Read reviews from other students to get their insights on the course quality and effectiveness.

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