How do I learn machine learning online? Is there any future in this field?

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You can learn a of ML online. Three of the popular tools are: -—Making neural nets uncool again

Learn Python, Data Viz, Pandas & More | Tutorials | Kaggle

I strongly believe that from 2024 onwards many of the jobs would require understanding AI as a key requirement. By 2026 there might not be a field/job category not touched by AI. We are in a revolution similar to the computing revolution of the 1990s. In that decade, every job from medicine to law to banking were made compute intensive.

The way to master AI is to not just read the theory, but actually practice with a lot of problems. As I have written in my earlier career guidance posts, anyone who is interested in entering compute related jobs should be coding for hours on their own everyday.

That is the key. The hours of practice is essential. Just as a sportsperson needs to hit the gym everyday, a ML nerd needs to hit coding & statistics everyday. Just as the weights in the gym are hard at first, this practice is hard, but extremely necessary.

For this practice, I suggest these 2 that are the leading ones in the industry:

100 Days of Code - Learn Python on Replit

Solve Python Code Challenges

I also run a bootcamp named Modern AI Pro and strongly believe it is essential to train the vast workforce in AI.

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