What are some good online cloud computing courses?

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First, I want to say that not every course is good for everyone. Because the requirements are different for everyone. Some want to be an expert and some want to get only a recognized certification. Hence, it depends on you which suits you the most.

As you are looking for a Cloud Computing course, you must have a strong background in the technical field. If you have a good understanding of Computer Science, Operating Systems, etc. you will get a faster adoption of Cloud Computing.

Here, I will share some good Cloud Computing courses available online. You can access the courses remotely and will enjoy all the facilities including certification, projects, career services, etc. 👇👇

Google Cloud Computing Foundations: Cloud Computing Fundamentals course shared in EDX

Advanced Cloud Computing and DevOps Certification Program by Learnbay

Introduction to Cloud Computing shared by Udacity

The above-mentioned courses are some of the best courses you can pursue online. You get recognized certificates from the institutes.

What Certificates will you get? 📜📜

EDX’s course will offer you an Azure Training Certificate.

Learnbay’s course will give you an IBM Project and Course Certificate along with a Microsoft Certificate. These certificates are globally recognized and you will get an increased earning potential with these certifications.

Also, the course of Udacity will give you a course completion certificate after completing the course.

What projects are offered in these courses? 📊📊

EDX’s course will offer you a Capstone Project in various Domains along with 40+ Hands-On Projects. Learnbay’s course also comes with various simulated real-time and capstone projects.

Is there any job assistance? 💼🤵


You will get alluring job assistance in these courses.

For example, EDX's JobAssist will help you get noticed by top hiring companies. Also, Learnbay’s course comes with a Career Services Pro feature. This feature assures to bring you unlimited interview calls through the offered services including mock interviews, resume-building sessions, 1:1 review sessions, LinkedIn Profile review sessions, etc.

Here, I want to share my analysis with you. If you are a beginner and want a recognized certification, you should choose the Introduction to Cloud Computing shared by Udacity. Whereas, for experienced professionals, Learnbay’s and EDX’s courses will perform better.

Notably, all the courses are accessible online and you just need a smart device to access the courses. But interestingly, Learnbay’s course comes with a hybrid learning opportunity. It means you can access the course online along with offline project sessions.

Learnbay offers offline experience centers in Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. You can reach the centers to enjoy offline project sessions and career services. 🏫🏫

In conclusion, I can say that you must be clear about your goals and requirements and then select your preferred course. Also, you can search for courses as per your criteria. You can also get access to free trials on some sites and then finalize which you like the most.

Good Luck!

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