Which is the best online free platform to learn digital marketing?

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I’ve started learning digital marketing around 3 months ago so I have researched and found some very useful platforms on how to learn for free !!

IIDE-The digital school is best for beginners! I got to know about them on Google and saw the free digital marketing master class which is 45 min and attended the class and I was so glad I watched it ! It gives you the idea of what digital marketing is and its basics.

The 45 min class is very useful for beginners as it gives idea on Digital marketing and its field.

They will conduct live sessions every 2nd and 4th saturday and you can get any query resolved related to digital marketing.

Their free Internship is one of the most useful ones because there will be training on all digital marketing topics, linkedin and resume building etc., not only IIDE staff but there will be surprise guests every week to guide and discuss with us, And each class is live everyday .

They provide certificates on successful completion which is very essential for one’s resume.

The instructors are always available on chat/mail and very responsive.

There are also other programs available such as:

Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing

It’s an online course with recorded lectures and live interactive sessions which provides you with an advanced certification in Digital Marketing that helps to build your CV and open new opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing.

2. Post Graduation in Digital Marketing

It is an 11-month MBA-level program which comes with 100% job assurance. It includes a 2-month compulsory internship.

So I highly recommend checking out them and attending the free class and live classes if you want to start your career in Digital Marketing.

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