What is the best platform to learn Blockchain?

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Several platforms offer excellent resources to learn blockchain technology. The choice depends on your preferences, the specific blockchain platform you're interested in, and your preferred learning style. Here are some popular platforms:

Coursera:Coursera offers courses from universities and organizations worldwide. Blockchain-related courses cover various aspects, from basics to advanced topics.

edX:Similar to Coursera, edX provides courses from universities and institutions. You can find courses on blockchain technology, smart contracts, and distributed ledger technology.

Udacity:Udacity offers nanodegree programs in blockchain development. These programs provide hands-on projects and mentor support.

Pluralsight:Pluralsight is known for its technology-focused courses. It has a range of blockchain courses covering development, security, and other aspects.

IBM Blockchain Platform:IBM offers a free blockchain foundation course on its platform. It covers blockchain basics and provides practical labs using the IBM Blockchain Platform.

Hyperledger:Hyperledger, an open-source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, provides extensive documentation and tutorials for developers.

B9lab Academy:B9lab offers blockchain training and certification programs. They cover Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, providing hands-on experience.

Blockchain at Berkeley:This organization offers a free online course, "Blockchain Fundamentals," covering the basics of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Council:Blockchain Council provides various certifications and training programs. They cover blockchain development, use cases, and more.

Kadenze:Kadenze focuses on arts and technology. It offers a course called "Blockchain Basics" that provides an artistic perspective on blockchain technology.

CryptoZombies:CryptoZombies is an interactive code school that teaches you to build games on Ethereum. It's a fun and hands-on way to learn smart contract development.

YouTube:Many blockchain developers share tutorials and educational content on YouTube. Channels like "Dapp University," "EatTheBlocks," and "Simply Explained" offer valuable insights.

Remember to explore multiple platforms, as different courses may suit different learning styles. Additionally, hands-on experience and building projects are crucial for solidifying your understanding of blockchain concepts.

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