What are the best free language learning sites?

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To successfully learn a language, it is important to have a structured system in place. This includes regular studying and building vocabulary, which takes time as you need to learn thousands of words. Personally, I recommend using a good grammar book rather than relying on the internet for grammar knowledge. The key is to put deliberate effort into learning and speaking the language. It is crucial to understand that when taking language classes, the responsibility for learning lies with you, as the teacher cannot simply transfer knowledge into your mind. Instead, create a schedule and system for language learning, sticking to it and avoiding frustration. Progress may take time, but if you continue with determination and set a reasonable deadline, such as learning the language in one year, you can achieve your goal. I suggest learning around 50 words per day and studying a piece of grammar every day as well. Rather than counting the hours spent, try to enjoy the process and allow time for comprehension. Divide your language learning activities by focusing on vocabulary in the morning and grammar in the evening. Additionally, make sure to review what you have learned each day. Overall, patience, determination, and a structured system are all you need for success.

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