What are some of the best and worst features of the Canvas LMS?

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It makes things incredibly difficult to make any sort of quick changes. I would love something that could open up in people and I could easily click to add a large group of students to another section….nope, you have to right click on each person, go INTO the section edit, add the section, save, go back, do it again. It might be good for an online self paced setup, but changing due dates is a nightmare for editing assignments. If you teach more than one class and you want to be able to make different due dates for the same assignment, you have a lot more work to do. I am even in a worse situation as I came in and took over for a teacher that quit and so she has 8 periods setup and each is individual, not cross listed, so from what I was told, it is TOO LATE to fix that and so I am spending too much time messing with minute details rather than actually grading or setting up assignments. It is nice to be able to link in other platforms and have grades pass back and forth, but if Infinite Campus could just talk to the other sites directly, we WOULDN’T need Canvas to do it. Oh and you can add an assignment, but not have it go into the module, and then students can’t find it. None of the setup is intuitive. Also there are CONSTANTLY little mistakes like spelling errors in the lessons, but I think that is actually the fault of our district when creating the lessons, not Canvas themselves. It seems like a VERY EXPENSIVE thing that NOBODY enjoys using and that is most of the stuff our school district implements….

I dislike it a lot and so do students.

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