How do people cheat on online proctored exams?

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I think what you are really asking is… how do people do it successfully?

Let me begin by stating I do not advocate cheating on any exam. But, there is a reason why someone is able to do this successfully and get away with it. It’s because they didn’t talk about it, didn’t share how it was done, and were practical in employing its use.

I would assume you are speaking of highly secure proctored examinations, like those run by state government and certification/licensing boards? Even if it’s one time during a “big” exam like these? I defer to my earlier statement. There is a reason why it worked and they got away with it, and it’s because they didn’t talk about it.

However, that being said…

One time. To one person, that person being me. I remember an active licensed professional telling me they had cheated on their live proctored board certification exam. I didn’t believe them. The amount of checks and surveillance one undergoes and is subjected to make the idea of cheating or attempting to completely implausible.

Until they told me the clever, yet simple technicality-like loop hole that allowed them to cake-walk through the exam. I was blown away. I know what he did would work and that made him an instant scumbag in my book.

Is it possible? Yes, I believe anyone determined enough will work hard to find a way. But, here’s another idea. Work just as hard and study so you don’t have to cheat.

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