What are some websites like Coursera where you can study for free?

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Free online courses are available on numerous sites. These major websites provide free online courses:


Free courses from colleges and institutes worldwide are on edX. Some courses are free to audit, however certificates may cost.

Kahn Academy:

Khan Academy provides several free math, science, and programming courses.


MIT Nearly all MIT courses are free via OpenCourseWare. It's great for technical topics.

Free courses on Coursera:

Coursera provides free classes, but content varies. You can filter "Free" courses on their site.

Free Courses on Udemy:

Udemy offers free classes in many areas. Look for paid course discounts and promotions.

Learn Harvard Online:

Harvard Online Learning offers online Harvard University courses in many topics.

Stanford Online:

Stanford Online provides free, diversified online courses from Stanford University.


Alison provides free online degrees, certifications, and courses in many topics.

Google Digital Garage:

Google Digital Garage offers free digital marketing, data and tech, and professional development classes.


Codecademy offers free interactive training in coding and programming.

Check whether courses give certifications to showcase your talents on your CV. Some sites contain paid premium content or features, so try the free ones first. Have fun learning! 🌐📚

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