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Winning on a Wheel

Whilst there are many more lottery systems that are useless than there are ones that are adept enough to create substantial, palpable wins, it is possible to mine the diamonds from the rough if you know where to plant your digging equipment.

You see crunching numbers for a number of people is easy. Maths professionals will frequently build complicated algorithmic techniques for just about everything.

It will be no surprise then that some whiz mathematical geniuses have attempted to devise such techniques in the past to beat the lottery. And it should come as no surprise that some of those mathematicians are now extremely wealthy and “lucky” at the lotto.

Neither should it surprise you to discover that many of those systems are now available on the market.

How Syndicates Win More Often

One simple lottery system that is often used by syndicated groups is “wheeling”.

Wheeling numbers is a neat method to dramatically increase your chances of winning a prize on the lotto by allowing you to play more numbers in multiple sequences. The only obstacle to utilising a wheeling approach for winning the lotto is the price of the entries. As you need to purchase many entries when wheeling numbers it is only really affordable when playing within a syndicated group of people.

Nevertheless, wheeling does testify that you can apply arithmetic, and specifically when working with the laws of probability, to greatly increase your chances of winning the draw.

The fact that mathematics can be utilised to win the draw makes it easy to understand how a math teacher and PhD in Statistics has won the lottery 4 times and an Oklahoma mathematics professor has won the coveted draw three times in straight succession and 5 times in all.

Maybe we could all be as lucky as they have been if we were trained in mathematics!

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