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Taking It To Court

Ndabene claimed that he could prove the ticket was his alone because he played the same numbers he won with back in 2006.

Seguro Ndabene

A triumphany Seguro

Not only is this evidence that Mr. Ndabene was a sole player for that ticket but there is even stronger evidence to support his case.

Blanchette, the kiosk owner, is very organised when it comes to syndicate purchases. Each group purtchase has its own documentation which is stamped on the back. There is no such no stamp on Ndabene’s ticket.

Blanchette also ensures that every player within a syndication of players signs a group-buying agreement. This agreement lists each participant’s name, phone number and contribution.

Blanchette Blows the Lid on the Truth

For the draw day of the winning ticket the claimant’s name, Antonin Koprnicky, does not appear on any documents suggesting that he did not even play in the game.

However, three other people, who are listed on a group-buying agreement, have secured the services of lawyers in the hope of gaining some of the winnings.

On Monday, Nov. 2, 2009 Mr. Ndabene had the entire $17 million win granted to him by the courts – and rightfully so.

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