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1. The Syndication Approach for a Lottery Win
2. Failing To Plan is Planning To Fail
3. Top 3 Lottery Systems

Syndicates Win More Often

Millions of people enjoy playing the lottery. Most play either every week or twice a week. However, if you have been playing the normal way then you will, no doubt, still be waiting on that elusive big win and maybe even still be waiting on a small win having won nothing at all.

The odds of winning the lottery jackpot are extremely low and the truth is that you have little realistic chance of winning a top prize with a normal randomly chosen lotto ticket.

However, when you play in a syndicate you can greatly increase your chances of winning hefty sums of money and actually reduce the odds of winning the jackpot by many millions!

Increasing your chances of winning lottery prizes is not as difficult as you may think and there are some easy to do things that you can use right away to immediately increase your odds of winning especially if you play as part of a syndication.

Syndicate Strategies

Using some little known, but highly effective, strategies you can start to win prizes on a consistent basis and make the lottery much less of a gamble. By leveraging the extra money available for tickets that a syndicate gives you, you can easily use mathematical systems to increase your odds of winning multiple prizes in each draw.

Obviously using a lottery system will always require buying more than one ticket and this is why using such systems are always advised as part of a syndicated group of like-minded players.

Lotto Syndicate

Lottery syndicates win more often

I will show you how to do this but before I do you should realise that just having extra lottery tickets does not increase your odds of winning a prize!

The extra tickets you buy must be purchased in a very specific sequence using a mathematical principle for matching the numbers on each ticket which will automatically increase your syndicate’s chances of winning.

In almost all cases by joining a syndicate you can greatly increase your odds of winning without having to increase the amount of money spent playing. It is about playing smart not playing more.

As a syndicate is just a group of people who pool their money so that they can buy more tickets and have a greater chance of winning a prize it stands to reason that syndicates should use their extra stake money wisely by employing a lottery system that can take advantage of their pooled cash.

I have seen lottery syndicates waste very good opportunities of winning large sums of money because they play the game incorrectly. Many syndicates falsely believe that just buying more tickets with randomly chosen numbers will increase their chances of winning.

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