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Winning With Wheeling

In this post I aim to answer a few of the most common questions that come up from people who first hear that it is possible to improve your odds of winning on the lottery.

Two questions seem to recur over and over again that revolve around, what is arguably, the most common system used by lottery winners to gain an advantage over other players in the draw.

Two Common Questions
Lotto Questions

Got Lottery Questions?

The 2 most common questions I get are:

1. What is meant by “wheeling your numbers” when it comes to playing the lottery?
2. Do “wheeling” systems really work?

Let’s look at these in turn.

Number Wheeling

Wheeling numbers is a simple mathematical concept. Really, in lay-man’s terms, wheeling allows you to pick more numbers than the standard game allows with just random tickets.

For example in a typical 6 from 49 draw such as the UK National Lottery you would normally select 6 numbers to play with. If you wanted to enter the draw a second time you would pick a mixture of new numbers for your second line.

With “wheeling” however you can pick as many numbers as you like and using a simple mathematical system create a selection of tickets that have every possible combination of those numbers.

Does Wheeling Work?

Wheeling numbers increases your odds of winning a prize significantly. It reduces the odds by many millions to 1. Just adding 1 number increases the odds of winning a top prize from 14 million to 1 down to 500 thousand to 1.

In fact, using wheeling as a method for choosing numbers it is actually possible to guarantee a jackpot win because you can enter every possible combination into the draw.

Unfortunately this would cost you in the region of £14 million. No small investment. What’s more, the jackpot would need to be a roll-over to make the exercise profitable and you would need to hope that no-one else good lucky and hit the 6 numbers claiming a share of the prize. It’s a risky strategy, but one that has been successfully used many times before by wealthy syndicates.

Some rich people are just greedy!

Learn how to win the lottery

So if you want to get better odds in the lotto that you play I suggest you try a simple wheeling system to begin with. It will cost you more in entries but your chances of winning a top prize are greatly increased and your odds of winning smaller prizes are extremely high.

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