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1. How to Win the Lottery
2. The Truth About Probabilities
3. Are Lottery Systems Just Scams?
4. Comparison of Top Lotto Systems

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The Real Lotto Deal

We have learned that the lottery is not a game of chance or pure luck, as many would have you believe, but is in fact a game of probabilities.

So how does this help you win prizes on the draw?

Well, this is where the beauty of using a lottery system comes into play. You see a game of chance is all about blind luck and everyone knows that you can’t coerce, threaten or beat luck into doing anything. Luck is either with you or against you. You have no control over luck.

Probability, on the other hand, is a mathematical law that follows mathematical rules. We all know that in many situations rules can be bent, broken or just simply followed to ensure you get very specific outcomes.

The rules that govern “probability” are no different.

Although the odds (or probability) of winning the lottery are extremely low when you play in the normal way, when you know how to employ some basic mathematical rules and use them to your advantage the law of probability can become your ally and be used to manipulate those odds in your favour.

A Game of Probabilities

The truth that the lottery is a game of probabilities is a mind-blowing fact that can alter your life when you fully understand it.

It simply means that when someone works with the law of probabilities and incorporates it into their lotto plays in a smart way they can beat the lottery!

Believe it or not using the law of probabilities you can actually guarantee a lottery win 100% of the time because there are only a finite amount of combinations that can occur in any lottery game.

There are actually hundreds of people who have used mathematical systems in conjunction with statistical data to win multiple times in a variety of different lottery games. Take the multiple winning Maths Professor Larry Blair or the seemingly incredibly lucky Joan R. Ginther (who it was later discovered is a Stanford University statistics professor)!

Do you think they relied on luck?

Learn how to win the lottery

How Did They Do It?

There are systems that have been developed which are being used weekly by smart lottery players to grab multiple small, medium and top prizes. I would love to show you some of these systems. In fact I would love to show you the top system that has currently been used by 131 people to win top prizes – and these are only the people who have come forward and admitted to using it. I can only imagine how many are still under the radar.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the system because it is not mine to give to you and it would be unfair on its creator as this system has been very good for me. However, I can point you in the right direction at least so you too can try this system for yourself completely risk free.

You see some time ago I discovered an amazing lotto formula that, up to the present time, had been kept underground and was only being used by its creator and his students. Since its release though it has quickly grown in momentum and has so far been used by a staggering 131 people to win large prizes on various lotto games.

I will openly admit that when I first came in contact with the formula I was sceptical (who wouldn’t be).

lotto master formula

Some guy posing with a cheque wasn't enough to convince me

It sounded just too good to be true!

I mean sure it was interesting, and a lot of what the guy was saying made complete sense to me, but I was not so sure that there could be any system in existence that was capable of beating a game, that at that time I considered to be, based on pure luck.

What’s more, I didn’t know whether I could trust the guy or not.

Some guy posing with a huge lottery cheque wasn’t enough to convince me.

There are so many scam merchants and fake products on the internet these days it is difficult to trust anyone who is selling online.

Luckily, I didn’t let my scepticism stop me from testing the formula.

I can clearly remember the first time I realised that picking winning lottery numbers is more of a science than just a matter of pure luck.

When did that happen?

The first time my numbers came up!

Okay, so I didn’t win that much, a few hundred bucks, but that first modest win was enough to convince me that I could do it again. In fact, I later discovered that using the simple lotto formula I had been given I could win small prizes about 80% of the time.

Is It For Real or a Scam?

I was sceptical. When I first encountered this lotto system I started debating with myself about the truth of the claims being made about it.

How could there be a system that could beat the lottery?

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