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1. The Lotto Numbers To Pick
2. How Larry Blair Won the Lottery
3. Math Professor Wins Lottery Five Times
4. Top 3 Lottery Systems

Picking The Right Numbers

Most people would love a lottery win but to them there is as much chance of winning the lottery as there is of dating a famous Hollywood star – it just seems too impossible.

They dream of a big win and calculate the little and large changes that they would make in their lives with their new found wealth. However, they rarely act on their dreams.

One mathematics professor from Oklahoma dreamed big but unlike most people he acted on it. 5 lottery wins later, and a bullet in the leg (more on that later), he is now preparing to share his secret formula with a small group of people!

Crossing Your Fingers & Hope For The Best

Many people believe that when they play the lottery they must cross their fingers and hope for the best because it’s all about luck. Even the National Lottery in the UK has two crossed fingers as its symbol. However, some people understand that the lottery is not about luck but is about probabilities.

Because the lottery is a game of probabilities (and not just luck) it is possible to use mathematics to increase your probability of winning!

Whether or not you understand why this works you should be able to understand that because it works it was just a matter of time before some mathematical/probability expert found a way to exploit this truth to his own advantage.

Believe it or not a guy did create a mathematical formula for winning the lottery and used it himself at least 5 times!

Mathematical Genius or Just Born Lucky?

A guy named Larry Blair, who spent his career as a mathematics professor in Oklahoma, claims that he actually put his life in danger by developing a system for beating the lottery. I kid you not!

With his new mathematical formula for playing the lottery Larry kept winning small and medium sized prizes. But, he kept refining the system.

You should not be surprised to learn that Larry refined his system and went on to win the lottery three times in a row – a fact that happened to be unlucky for Larry as kidnappers soon took an interest in him!

When you win the lottery five times (three times in a row) then it is no wonder you become a bit of a celebrity. And, Larry’s wanna-be kidnappers knew that you don’t win the lottery 5 times without a system – and they wanted it!

Luckily however Larry survived the vicious attack. Although he did get shot in the leg while making his escaped from his attackers. His ordeal left him shaken and more than a little frightened.

Larry has won the lottery 5 times in total, which he puts down to his system.

To the casual observer it looks like Larry Blair is a very lucky man.However, when it comes to being lucky at the lottery Larry simply says that it is funny that the more he uses his system the luckier he gets!

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