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The 23 Million Dollar Man

Making his way to the claim office in Atlanta, Stephen Cooke learned that there had been 3 winners that week that had to share the $70,000,000 jackpot prize.

This 3 way split was thus set to net him a huge $23.3 million prize.

Lottery Inquisition

However, the lottery officials, being aware of the time and date that the 3 separate winning tickets had been purchased, were curious and started to ask Cooke a lot of questions about where and when he had bought his tickets.

Obviously he thought this was a little strange and began to become concerned that they thought he had cheated and wanted to take his win away from him.

Nothing could have been further from the truth though.

Not Once But Twice

It wasn’t until he was informed that 2 winning tickets had been purchased in quick succession at the same store, literally seconds apart, that he started to understand their line of questioning.

cash lotto ball

Cooke’s total winnings was $46 million

Tickets that are printed off in such quick succession are almost certainly bought by the same person as it takes time to print the ticket and register the sale for two separate players. Therefore multiple tickets bought seconds apart usually indicate they belong to the same player.

The lottery officials were sure that Stephen had the other winning ticket.

In the strictest secrecy a Georgia Lottery security guard travelled with Cooke o his home so that he could retrieve his other 2 tickets in order to ascertain if one of them was also a winner.

It was then that Cooke discovered his initial mistake which netted him another $23.3 million prize for a grand prize total of $46.6 million.

What a lucky guy.

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