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….continued from page 1 The American DreamIf you are like most of the normal everyday people in the western world then you will already know that winning the lottery is a pipe-dream – right? I mean with odds of winning the big prize at about 14 million to 1 how could you win? Well, although […]

Impossible DreamsMost individuals would enjoy a lottery win (or 2) but to them there is as much likelihood of succeeding in the lotto as there is of dating a renowned Hollywood star. The whole things just seems too impossible. Although every lottery player would love a big win they lack the real belief that winning […]

Turning the Key to WealthIt is the dream of a millions of people worldwide to win the lottery and live the remainder of their days in comfort with all the little luxuries that life has to offer. The lottery offers a glimpse of the freedom enjoyed by the wealthy and rich. If, like millions of […]

….continued from page 1 Game of Luck or Game of Probabilities?The lottery is about luck. Of course it is. Not many people would dispute that (except a few multiple winners that have in the past). However, the truth about the matter may be a little easier to understand when you review a 5 time lottery […]

Scratch CardsScratch card type games seem very appealing to many lottery players. A scratch card offers an immediate win. The odds also usually appear much more in your favour than a normal lottery draw. Winning the main draw for many people seems so unlikely that they don’t even enter and prefer to use their money […]