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As If Winning $1 Million on Missouri Lotto Wasn’t Enough!In the small city of Bonne Terre in St. Francois County, Missouri, USA many of the 6854 residents believe that lightening never strikes twice. After all we all believe that, don’t we? However, those same residents are well aware that the lottery can, and does, strike […]

….continued from page 1 The American DreamIf you are like most of the normal everyday people in the western world then you will already know that winning the lottery is a pipe-dream – right? I mean with odds of winning the big prize at about 14 million to 1 how could you win? Well, although […]

Impossible DreamsMost individuals would enjoy a lottery win (or 2) but to them there is as much likelihood of succeeding in the lotto as there is of dating a renowned Hollywood star. The whole things just seems too impossible. Although every lottery player would love a big win they lack the real belief that winning […]

Turning the Key to WealthIt is the dream of a millions of people worldwide to win the lottery and live the remainder of their days in comfort with all the little luxuries that life has to offer. The lottery offers a glimpse of the freedom enjoyed by the wealthy and rich. If, like millions of […]

….continued from page 1 Game of Luck or Game of Probabilities?The lottery is about luck. Of course it is. Not many people would dispute that (except a few multiple winners that have in the past). However, the truth about the matter may be a little easier to understand when you review a 5 time lottery […]