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….continued from page 1 Workable Lotto SystemsYes, there are ways to increase your chances of winning the lottery. You can sway the odds much more in your favour. In fact you can dramatically increase your odds of winning using specific lottery systems but you cannot guarantee a jackpot win unless you buy all possible number […]

Is there really a way to learn how to win the lottery guaranteed? What if I was to tell you that there is a proven and guaranteed way to win on the lotto would you be interested? Did you know that many past multiple lotto winners have openly admitted to using specific lottery formulas to […]

Our Love Affair With StatisticsWe all love love to hear interesting facts and statistics. This is evident in almost every sport on the planet where we are told of how often a sports star does one thing well or how little they are able to do another thing right. In fact, statistics hold so much […]

6/49 Lotto DrawsIn case you do not already know how a 6 from 49 (commonly abbreviated to 6/49) draw works I will give a brief explanation. A 6/49 lottery draw is a game that requires a player to correctly identify and match the 6 winning numbers drawn by a lottery machine on the night of […]

The Top Lottery Myths BustedHere are six of the top lottery myths believed by most people well and truly busted! Read on to discover the fake beliefs that may be holding you back from getting a big lotto win. Myth 1.When you play the lottery you are more likely to be killed by a lightning […]