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….continued from page 2 Are All Lottery Systems a Scam?Surely if a real lottery system existed that could be used to win big prizes then everyone would be using it? Right? This was my main objection I had to trying the system. If there was a system that could beat the lotto then surely I […]

….continued from page 1 Winning the lottery relies on a kiss or two from “lady luck”. We all know that. So when Joan Ginther won the lottery a staggering 4 times many believed that she was not just favoured by lady luck but was actually lady luck herself. That was up until the point that […]

Texas Holds ‘EmDoes Texas hold the luckiest person in the world? It seems that when it comes to lottery winners it does. Joan Ginther would appear to be extremely lucky having netted four big lotto wins in the space of a matter of years. Since 1993 to present day the 60-something has won on the […]

….continued from page 2 ProbabilityWinning the lottery isn’t just about luck when you understand the law of probability and know how to use it with your lotto entries. [/caption]The lottery is definitely a game of probabilities not a game of luck. However, if you take the National Lottery in Britain as an example of a […]

LotteriesThere are few people who would not like extra money. Most of us spend our time battling with bills rather than enjoying the freedom that financial security can provide us with. Unfortunately the majority of people have very few, if any, financial avenues to venture down to achieve that freedom. Therefore millions of people look […]