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Don’t Play Like Ray

Some time ago a famous New York paper reported on a hard working building superintendent who spends most of his hard earned money on lottery tickets.

Ray Otero foolishly believes that by ploughing his money into lottery tickets he is increasing his chances of winning a jackpot prize with each purchase (by the sheer volume of ticket purchases).

Of course what Mr. Otero fails to realise is that statistically you have no better chance of winning the jackpot with 500, or even 5,000, tickets than you do with 1 when the numbers on those tickets have been chosen randomly!

No matter how many tickets you buy each one will have the same low odds.

Unfortunately for Ray buying more randomly chosen tickets does not give you a better chance of winning anything.

Do you know that if you buy a 6 from 49 lottery ticket, like those sold on the UK National Lottery, on a Monday that you have a statistically better chance of being dead on Saturday than winning the lottery jackpot?

Ray Otero

Ray could improve his odds immensely just by "wheeling" his numbers

This unfortunate statistic is true.

It’s true because you only have a 14,000,000 to 1 chance of winning a jackpot on a 6 from 49 draw while the odds of being struck by lightning and killed are roughly 2,650,000 to 1.

Take heart though because you can do certain things that dramatically increase the odds of you winning a huge lottery prize and they don’t require you to spend a fortune doing it!

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If Only Ray Knew About Wheeling

Wheeling lottery numbers is probably the best known and easiest to use lottery system for greatly increasing your chances of winning.

With his weekly $500 – $700 lottery spend Ray would almost certainly have won multiple lottery prizes and maybe even hit the jackpot if he had only opted for a wheeling system in a standard lottery play.

You see when use a wheeling system you get to pick more numbers than you would usually.

For example if you use a 7 number wheel in a 6 from 49 draw (like the New Jersey Pick 6 Lottery) you get to pick an extra number in your pick of 6, so that you pick 7 numbers instead of 6 and you then “wheel” those numbers.

Lottery Wheeling System

Computer programs can wheel number combinations from your picks almost instantly

What you end up with is a collection of tickets that have all possible combinations of those 7 numbers together in sets of 6.

This means you get to play 7 numbers instead of 6 thus dramatically increasing your chances of a win (because normally you only get to pick 6 numbers).

The total combinations are 28.

So you would therefore need to enter the draw 28 times with single entries using the number combinations you generated from your 7 wheel system.

That’s just 28 bucks for such a huge improvement in odds!

However, wheeling just 1 extra number reduces the of odds of a jackpot win from 1 in 14 million to 1 in 500 thousand and significantly improves your odds of winning multiple small and medium prizes.

Obviously it is easier to pick 6 winning numbers when you can choose more numbers.

You can do this for as many numbers as you wish. Imagine if you could pick all 49…that would guarantee a win and in fact it is possible to do this if you have $14 million or £14 million to invest in 6 from 49 ticket purchases.

Unfortunately though as we can see in the example above to be successful using wheeling systems you have to buy more tickets. Therefore your lottery stake money goes up. But, an interesting thing happens; your odds of winning go up by many, many miilions.

Just like the New Jersey Pick 6 lotto game in the UK National Lottery just wheeling 1 extra number (so you pick 7 numbers instead of the standard 6) will reduce your odds of winning from 14,0000,000 to 1 to only 500,000 to 1! And it will will only cost you £28. What’s more these new odds only apply to the jackpot prize. Your chances of winning smaller prizes are increased to a much larger degree.

So, if Mr. Otero had only played a 6 from 49, or similar type of lottery, and wheeled his numbers he may well be a very wealthy man by now. Imagine what he could do with an even more powerful lottery system.

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