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1. The Lotto Master Formula
2. The Lotto Black Book
3. Lottery Audit Software

The Best Lottery Systems

If you are serious about winning the lottery then you will need a serious system. The tips you have received on this site will definitely help increase your chances but if you want to be in with a real chance of landing a big win then you need some serious number crunching formulas.

Here is a list of sites that teach lottery systems that have been used successfully to win small, medium and large prizes. Some of these systems are extremely powerful. Be sure to read the testimonials of previous winners on the following pages.

The Lottery Master Formula

lotto master formula The Lottery Master Formula has been used by 131 previous lottery winners.

This system requires small stakes. It does not guarantee a jackpot win but does guarantee you will increase your odds of hitting the jackpot by a very significant number.

Most people using this system tend to achieve medium to large wins on a consistent basis.

This seems to be the best lottery system available as it has already produced 131 winners.

The Lottery Black Book

The Lottery Black Book is the brain-child of a 5 times lotto winning math professor.

After spending approximately 8 years devising and then testing his system Larry Blair landed 3 big lotto wins in a row. He then went on to claim another two big wins using his system.

This is a powerful system but some people find it difficult to understand and implement. Worth a try though you never know you could land the big one!

Lotto Software

Lottery Audit

Members area for using lottery software to help predict the next winning numbers.

Video tutorials are included in the members area to help you understand all aspects of the system used.

The “winning distribution chart” helps you map out your picks and select winning tickets.