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1. Improving Your Odds in the Lottery
2. Guaranteeing a Lottery Win 100% of The Time
3. Using Probability to Guarantee a Lotto Win
4. Top 3 Lottery Systems

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Winning the lottery isn’t just about luck when you understand the law of probability and know how to use it with your lotto entries.

[/caption]The lottery is definitely a game of probabilities not a game of luck.

However, if you take the National Lottery in Britain as an example of a typical lotto draw, you will find that you have roughly a 14 million to 1 chance of selecting the six winning numbers from a potential 49. Obviously with odds like that you need to be extremely lucky to win…don’t you?

Well, believe it or not, it is totally possible to guarantee a lottery win!

If you have 14 million UK pounds to spare you can literally ensure yourself a lottery win. You can guarantee it!

Guarantee a Lottery Jackpot for a Mere £14,000,000 Investment 🙂

How can you guarantee a lottery win?

Well with £14,000,000 you can buy every possible number combination that could be possibly drawn from the 49 numbers in the draw.

Therefore, it is utterly possible to ensure you win the lottery by having a ticket to cover every possible ball/number combination. However, this approach is obviously flawed as it will most likely cost you more money in tickets than you’d probably win.

"God doesn't play dice with the universe" - Albert Einstein

DiceSo what would be the point of investing £14 million in such a scheme?

I suppose you could wait for a rollover or a triple rollover to make the investment worthwhile. Though you will always run the risk of having to share the winnings with multiple other “lucky” winners. It would be a risk. Perhaps one taking though. But the simple truth is if you had £14 million you wouldn’t need a lottery win would you?!

Using Probability

The main reason for telling you how you can guarantee a lottery win (with a £14 million investment) is because that example does show very clearly, that the lottery is not merely a game of chance but is also a game of probabilities. When you recognize precisely how to control the odds of picking out winning numbers and getting a winning ticket, everything changes!

Through the use of mathematics systems that make use of the laws of probability it’s possible to reduce the probability of winning the lotto from 14 million to 1 to half a million to 1 by merely picking out an extra number at a cost of just £27 more! Imagine exactly what selecting another number would do!

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Page 2 – Guaranteeing a Lottery Win 100% of The Time

Page 3 – Using Probability to Guarantee a Lotto Win

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