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Leveraging Your Odds

Here are some quick tips to help you leverage your odds in the lottery.

The Low Digit Game

The first thing to consider when choosing lottery numbers is the amount of characters in your number picks.

Picking all low digit numbers reduces your chances of winning.

A great example of what numbers not to play is the combination 1 to 6 in a standard 6/49 lottery like the UK National Lottery.

Such a combination of numbers hasn’t ever turned up in a lotto draw and it is extremely unlikely that it is going to in the near future – so avoid it!

Many people, when they hear that low number combinations and especially the 1 – 6 combination have very little chance of being drawn, wonder why this is the case.

Low Digit Numbers

Don’t pick low digit numbers all the time

To understand why this is the case just think about a typical 6/49 lottery – like the UK lotto.

There are 49 numbers that have the potential of being drawn as winners.

However, only 9 of those numbers are single digit numbers! That is 9 single digit numbers while there are 40 double digit numbers.

Only the numbers 1-9 are single while 10 – 40 are double.

The Science of Double Digits

It is not rocket science working out that there is a better chance of a double digit number being drawn than a single digit one.

Therefore using all 6 number picks to choose 6 single digit numbers reduces your odds even further from the staggering 14 million to 1 you get with a randomly generated ticket.

Double Digit Numbers

Mix in some double digits in your picks

If you decide to play a low digit number combination such one, two, three, four, five and six in a six from forty-nine lotto draw you have virtually no chance of winning!

The fact that all the numbers are low, single digit numbers makes the likelihood of having the winning numbers unlikely but having them all in a continuous line makes winning an even more remote possibility.

These type of long shots are extremely unlikely to ever come up.

However, if they do your winning ticket will not be worth as much as it normally would because so many people foolishly play these numbers every week!

Picking numbers across the board gives you a much greater chance of choosing the correct number combination. There are always “hot numbers” that are drawn more frequently and that are drawn frequently together.

By avoiding number combination that are unlikely to win and picking hot numbers instead you can improve your chances of winning. If you also use a wheeling system to play more numbers and generate more combinations you can increase your odds of winning by millions to 1!

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