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Playing the Field

Basically, because the lottery is game of mathematical percentages and probabilities it is entirely possible to use mathematical systems to help increase your odds of picking winning numbers.

Using such systems you can choose more numbers than you would normally be able to, thus giving you a higher chance of actually having the winning numbers in your selection (simply because you get to play with more numbers).

Although (proven) lottery systems are a great for increasing your chances of winning the jackpot this should not be your main goal for using one.

Because most lotto systems are designed to allow you to play with more numbers than normal they obviously increase your chances of winning the jackpot. But because the odds of winning a jackpot are already extremely high even when you reduce those odds they are still very heavily stacked against you.

However, there is still good news. Because you get to play with more numbers and reduce the odds against you winning the jackpot you also reduce the odds of winning smaller prizes. They also ensure, through combination wheeling, that if you do pick some winning numbers those numbers will appear together on not just 1 ticket but on multiple ones.

Thus these lottery systems actually give you incredibly high chances of winning multiple prizes smaller prizes of varying amounts.

You should therefore aim to use a good lottery system to help you win small to medium prizes on a consistent basis. and just take the view that if a jackpot win comes along then all well and good – but don’t rely on one!

They All Add Up

Think about this for a moment and then answer truthfully.

If someone offered to show you how to reduce your odds of winning the lottery jackpot from 14 million to 1 down to half a million to 1 would you be interested in that system or would you be more interested in learning how to win the lottery small (a few hundred bucks) to medium prizes (several thousand bucks) with odds of 1 in 30 using only a small stake?

lottery softwareAlthough a one-off jackpot payment may be a large sum and very tempting how much money would you make if you could keep winning the medium sized prizes week after week?

So the really good systems are those ones that show you ways to increase your chances of winning the smaller prizes by such a large amount that winning them becomes almost inevitable and automatic.

The best system will both increase your odds of winning the jackpot AND ensure you keep winning multiple smaller prizes while you wait on the big one!

Wheeling Your Way To The Top

Wheeling systems for example allow you to choose more numbers thus increasing your chances of winning a prize and not only that but if you choose winning numbers in your line-up you usually win more than one prize (it’s all about the mathematics). Lottery software that runs on your personal computer is readily available that utilizes the latests wheeling systems for producing your entries.

However, if you truly want to understand how you can play the lottery and win I would read the story of a guy who has won it 5 times already!

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