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Winning the lottery relies on a kiss or two from “lady luck”. We all know that. So when Joan Ginther won the lottery a staggering 4 times many believed that she was not just favoured by lady luck but was actually lady luck herself. That was up until the point that Ms Ginther’s secret was revealed; she is a Stanford Trained University Statistics Professor!

Is It Really About Luck

The odds of winning a lottery prize can vary greatly depending on the game you play. However, standard odds on most lotto plays are about 14 million to 1.

So, you would think that someone who had worked as a mathematics teacher, had attained a Ph.D in statistics and had gained experience in an illustrious mathematics career teaching others about statistics would realise that playing the lottery is a fool’s game.

You would think that but Joan Ginther didn’t think that way.

It seems her education and experience in mathematics and statistics may have given her a bit of leverage in the lottery that the rest of us do not have.

It seems her education and experience in mathematics and statistics may have given her a bit of leverage in the lottery that the rest of us do not have.

She has been called the luckiest woman in the world but really how lucky is she?

It seems strange to many people that a 63 Texan woman has won multiple million dollar pots within a reasonably short period of time. Many people were questioning her good luck even before her education, experience and knowledge of statistics was revealed.

How Lucky Can One Gal Be?

It all started with a modest $5,400,000 win. It was delighted for the single Texan. However, eyebrows started to raise in amazement when she then landed another $2,000,000.

lady luckWow! What amazing luck she had. Two big lottery wins for one person. Everyone was astounded – everyone except those that knew Ms Ginther.

But everyone was to become even more amazed.

Even after her tremendous good fortune it seemed that Joan hadn’t used up all the luck she was allocated at birth.

Although she had already landed almost 7 and a half million dollars in combined winnings Joan wasn’t finished yet.

Just 2 years later she netted another $3,000,000 and then on one quiet summer’s day she claimed a $10,000,000 jackpot.

Although the people of Bishop in Texas, where Joan had her amazing luck, believe God did it for her other people take a different view. Who knows maybe God does favour maths professors like another 5 times winner?!

Beating Odds of Eighteen Septillion to One

What on earth is a “septillion”?

Its a number that’s too big for us mere mortals to even contemplate! It is the type of luck that only comes about one time in every quadrillion years.

So, did Joan rely on lady luck for her massive consistent wins? Or, as many claim, did she use her vast knowledge and expertise in the field of specialised mathematics to claim all her wins?

With odds of 18 septillion (a trillion trillion) to 1 against it happening, what do you think?

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