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1. Is a Lottery Win the Key to Wealth?
2. Lotto Pipe Dreams
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The American Dream

If you are like most of the normal everyday people in the western world then you will already know that winning the lottery is a pipe-dream – right?

I mean with odds of winning the big prize at about 14 million to 1 how could you win?

Well, although the odds seem pretty steep some people seem to defy the science of them like the 5 times lottery winner Larry Blair!

The problem with your approach to the lottery up to now is that you thought is was a game of chance – it isn’t! It’s a game of probabilities!

When just luck is involved in any game there is very little you can do to improve your luck. However, when you play a game of probabilities there is plenty you can do to improve the probability that you will win!

Whether or not you understand why this works you should be able to understand that because it works it was just a matter of time before some mathematical/probability expert found a way to exploit this truth to his own advantage.

Living The Dream

There is someone who claims to have developed a fool-proof lottery system and after 5 wins it is hard to repute his claims.

Pipe dreams are made of this

Is winning the lottery just a pipe dream?

After Larry Blair, a mathematics professor, invented his lottery system he went on to win 5 times.

However, his amazing discovery also meant his life was in danger!

Although Larry could consistently win small and medium prizes on the lottery using his system he was not satisfied and work hard to perfect the mathematics of it for bigger wins.

Soon he had perfected his system to such a high degree that he won a big prize in the lottery three times in a row.

This attracted the attention of would-be kidnappers!

When you win the lottery five times (three times in a row) then it is no wonder you become a bit of a celebrity. And, Larry’s wanna-be kidnappers knew that you don’t win the lottery 5 times without a system – and they wanted it!

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Larry's Amazing System

Luckily however Larry survived the vicious attack. Although he did get shot in the leg while making his escaped from his attackers. His ordeal left him shaken and more than a little frightened.

Larry has won the lottery 5 times in total, which he puts down to his system.

Many people claim that Larry is one of the luckiest men alive. When it comes to his kidnap ordeal Larry tends to agree with popular opinion.Larry claimed that his lottery winnings were a matter of luck but then quickly added “although the more I use my lottery system the luckier I get”!

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