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Playing The Smart Way

If you truly want to increase your odds of winning the lottery then you need to start playing smart, not playing more.

You can actually increase your odds of winning on the lottery simply by manipulating certain mathematical laws.

The law of probability is just one.

You can employ this law very easily when you know to use simple number crunching formulas such as wheeling systems.

Once you have a wheeling system you can pick more lottery numbers than you normally do for standard tickets. By being able to pick more numbers you give yourself a better chance of having the winning numbers in any given selection.

Then by combining those numbers in very specific ways it is possible to ensure all possible number combinations appear across your purchased tickets. Thus giving you a much higher chance of matching the winning balls.

It is truly possible to play the lottery and give yourself a better chance of winning by picking more numbers than you normally would simply by using a wheeling system.

What is Wheeling?

“Wheeling” is the term used to refer to the act of picking more numbers for the lotto than normal and then combining them on different tickets to ensure all possible combinations are covered.

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Wheeling numbers is a great way to increase your chances of winning because you get to play with more numbers than usual.

Lottery Wheel

Mathematical Systems Work

If you play the UK lottery, or any other 6 from 49 lotto, you would be able to pick more than the usual 6 numbers to use in your your “wheel”.

The amount of numbers you pick is determined by the amount of money you are willing to spend on lottery tickets.

You then use the numbers you have selected and mix them together in a specific way to create combinations of those numbers so that every possible combination is covered.

This means you have a much higher chance of matching the 6 winning numbers because you actually got to choose more than 6 to begin with.

You will also find that if you match the winning balls then you will in fact win more than just one prize because wheeling ensures you have multiple winning lines across various combinations (when you have correctly selected the winning numbers).

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