A Review & Comparison of the Best Lottery Systems

If you are serious about winning the lottery then you will need a serious system. The lotto tips you have received on this site will definitely help you to increase your chances in lottery games but if you want to be in with a high chance of landing a big win then you need some serious number crunching formulas.

Here we look at the top 3 lotto systems that have been used successfully to win small, medium and large prizes. We compare each one and give its advantages and disadvantages so you can decide which one, if any, is best suited to your needs.

Ultimate Lottery Package

4 stars

lottery systemThis is a great resource for individual players wanting to combine the power of a lottery software application program with the knowledge of the best lottery systems. lottery software

Packed with information and an easily usable software program this is ideal for the “lazy” lotto player who wants to win but doesn’t want to think too much.


If you want to know about the number crunching formulas you can learn all about it with this package.

In addition there is a software application that can be easily used to implement what you have learned for picking those winning lottery numbers.


There is no promise of a jackpot win but the system does greatly increase your chances of landing one (by millions to 1).

This wheeling system is best used within a syndicate as the software can be altered to increase your odds of winning the lottery by a lot. Obviously this requires more entries but when you see how easily you could win huge sums of money the temptation to wheel more numbers is almost irresistible.

The Lottery Master Formula

lotto master formula

This is by far the most popular system that is available as a download.

It is an ideal system for the solo player but can also prove to be a very effective tool for an already established syndicate.

As of 2012 the Lottery Master Formula has been already used by 131 previous lottery winners.

master formulaThese are only the winners that have registered their wins with the systems creator so the actual count may be much higher.


This system requires small stakes. You do not have to spend large amounts of money to get a return on your investment.

Although the system does not guarantee a jackpot win it does guarantee that you will increase your odds of hitting the jackpot by a very significant number.

Most people using this system tend to achieve medium to large wins on a consistent basis.

It comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee which is more than long enough to test the system on paper first.

This seems to be the best lottery system available as it has already produced 131 winners.


The system does not promise a jackpot win (and any system that does is worth avoiding). However, it does guarantee that you will win small to medium prizes regularly.

There are no instant results. It can take time to see the type of results you want. However, you should begin successfully picking winning number selections for small to medium prizes within the 60 day test period.

Lottery Audit

4 stars
lottery softwareThis is a great resource for individual players wanting to leverage the added purchasing power of a syndicate without having to recruit family, friends or work colleagues into their group.

When you join Lottery Audit you are automatically placed into a syndicate of other players and you stake money is added to theirs to allow for the use of a proven wheeling system to increase their odds.

Their is an easy to use members area for accessing your account.


Ideal for gaining the advantages of playing as part of a syndicate without having to recruit other people.

Video tutorials are included in the members area to help you understand all aspects of the system used.

The “winning distribution chart” helps you map out your picks and select winning tickets.


You have less control over how you play when you join an online syndicate.

You have to share the winnings with members of your syndicate.

The Lottery Black Book

3 stars
The Lottery Black Book is the brain-child of a 5 times lotto winning math professor.

larryAfter spending approximately 8 years devising and then testing his system Larry Blair landed 3 big lotto wins in a row. He then went on to claim another two big wins using his system.


The system was devised by a Mathematics Professor.

It has been used to win 5 top prizes.


This a system with a certain amount of merit but some people find it difficult to understand and implement.

Even though there is good information in his eBook Larry’s website “screams” fake. He has used an actor to tell his story and it just plain comes across as being fabricated.

He should really supply stories and examples from his previous wins and wins from people who have used his system rather than telling a story about being shot by would-be kidnappers.

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