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1. Is a Lottery Win the Key to Wealth?
2. Lotto Pipe Dreams
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Turning the Key to Wealth

It is the dream of a millions of people worldwide to win the lottery and live the remainder of their days in comfort with all the little luxuries that life has to offer.

The lottery offers a glimpse of the freedom enjoyed by the wealthy and rich. If, like millions of others, you would like to transform the dream of a lottery win into the reality of one then you should really read on!

Winning the lottery is just a dream for many people.

All of us would like to be free from money constraints and a lottery win certainly offers that.

When it comes to the lottery win though a great many people, in fact most people, have a misconception about the lottery.

You see we have been told it is a game of chance and luck but it isn’t!

Achieving that elusive life-changing lottery win may seem like a matter of luck for most people but for a few select others it is merely a matter of time.

When you buy lottery tickets the traditional way you are merely placing all your hopes on random numbers generated through a variety of means.

Unlocking Lottery Wealth

Unfortunately when you pick your numbers in the usual way by choosing your lucky numbers, dates that are significant to you or any of the other myriad of random ways that people generate their lottery numbers, then you have a greater chance of lightening striking you than winning the jackpot prize!

There are ways to choose your numbers that turn all that around. You can greatly increase your odds of winning when you have a good system for picking and using your numbers.

The answer to winning the lottery lies not in luck but in the law of probabilities.

Magic 8 ball

Picking your numbers randomly? You may as well use a magic 8 ball

When you approach the lottery in the correct way then you will no longer view it as a matter of luck but a matter of using probabilities.

In an average 6 from 49 lottery draw (where you have to match 6 winning numbers from a potential 49 like the British Lottery) your odds of winning are 14,000,000 to 1.

By spending fourteen million UK pounds you can literally guarantee yourself a lottery win because you can purchase all combinations of the 49 numbers in the draw.

With £14million it is therefore possible to guarantee yourself a lottery win but, let’s face it, if you had that kind of money you wouldn’t need one!

So It Isn’t All About Luck

Fortunately though, the above example does show that the lottery is not all about luck.

Through the use of mathematics systems that take advantage of the laws of probability it is possible to reduce the odds of winning the lottery from 14 million to 1 to half a million to 1 just by picking an extra number at a cost of just £27 more!

Think of what picking another number would do!

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