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What a Lucky Guy

Most of us would like to be lucky in life.

Some of us are luckier than others. Take Juan Tobar for example.

All Juan Tobar would say when he was handed his giant cheque for $100,000 was, “I’m so lucky!”

Not many people would disagree with that statement Juan.

In fact everyone listening to Juan at the official cheque ceremony considered Juan to be lucky as well.

You see Juan then added to his former statement saying, “It’s nice to be a winner again.”

Multiple Wins

This was not the first time Juan had received a giant cheque from the lottery.

In fact even before Juan had even spent one dime of his initial winnings he almost magically won again.

His first initial win of $100,000 was still sitting in his bank account, untouched, when he cashed his second enormous $100,000 cheque.

Some people have all the luck!

The First Win

Just a matter of a short few months previously Juan had netted his first $100,000 win in the same lottery game.

Although he always ensures he purchases his tickets at the same store he states that he makes sure he plays different numbers.

Does Juan use a system?

No-one knows and he is keeping tight-lipped about it.

But, to put his wins into perspective you should consider that to match even 1 of Juan’s lucky wins means you must match 5 from 35 on your ticket, which means beating odds of 325,000 to 1.

Now although these odds are better than most lotteries (the UK National Lottery has odds of 14 million to 1 against a jackpot win) doing it twice is a different matter indeed. The odds chance significantly and matching such a feat becomes statistically almost impossible.

Juan Tobar

Lucky Juan

To do it twice you have to beat odds of approximately 10 and a half billion to 1.

That is a staggering statistic and shows just how incredibly lucky Juan has been. If indeed Juan relies on luck at all.

Although Juan has won the lottery twice he has no investment plans or big purchases in mind.

The only plans he has for his new fortune is to pay off his mortgage.

From research it seems that the only people to be as “lucky” as Juan are those that have used lottery systems to dramatically increase their likelihood of landing prizes.

Many multiple lottery jackpot winners have openly admitted to using such systems.

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