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1. Improving Your Odds in the Lottery
2. Guaranteeing a Lottery Win 100% of The Time
3. Using Probability to Guarantee a Lotto Win
4. Top 3 Lottery Systems

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Escaping the Rat Race

Should you merely continue playing the lottery like the millions of other individuals all over the world who play it?

Should you just keep daydreaming of a win on the lotto, living in your mental image and being satisfied with the warm feelings that gives you? Or, should you instead, actually start to plan for that win?

If you are like most other people then you will most likely view a lotto win as a wistful dream. Sure it would be an easy escape from the rat-race and set you firmly on the path to freedom from financial debt and money worries, but it’s never going to happen. Right?!

Well, if you’re a person who could do with a lotto win, and you are willing to temporarily suspend your disbelief and curb your natural scepticism for even a short while, then you may well want to read the rest of this article.

Dreams Are Made of This

Dreaming about winning the lottery is really as far as many men and women get.

lottery winners celebratingA lottery win offers us the ability to be totally free from financial troubles and concerns.

It is a shame that many folks “buy into” a belief about the lottery that is totally not true; almost everyone believes falsely that winning the lottery is all down to pure luck and only luck, fate or chance is at work.

However, this is absolutely incorrect, something that has been demonstrated by many people over the years in many different countries.

Obtaining that difficult life-changing lotto win may seem like a question of luck for most people but for a few select others it’s just a matter of time.

Is it All About Luck?

The reason the lottery is a matter of luck for many people is because they simply select their numbers randomly without any plan or formula.

Whether you’ve selected your numbers based on important dates, ‘lucky’ numbers, omens, prophetic dreams or simply selected a ‘lucky dip’, then you’ve actually got a better chance of being killed by a stray lightning bolt than you do of winning the lottery jackpot.

The odds in the lottery suck. A jackpot win in a normal 6 from 49 draw is almost impossible to achieve. However, you can certainly change that dismal outlook and what seems like an almost certain outcome simply by using the correct technique based on lottery crunching mathematical equations and formulas.

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Page 2 – Guaranteeing a Lottery Win 100% of The Time

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