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Falling into Spiralling Debt

Debt is the curse of the 21st century.

Our entire world economy is based on debt and a debt ridden society.

We are encouraged to spend more and save less.

We are given ridiculous credit limits to buy things that we do not need and have not saved for in order to perpetuate the debt cycle and maintain the economic equilibrium.

No-one escapes the debt cycle.

Just recently a prominent member of a massive “boy band”, Westlife, lost his fortune and was declared bankrupt after borrowing tens of millions in debt to invest in property.

With the property bust in Ireland he lost all his assets and ended up in an estimated 18 million Euro debt.

It seems that even the rich can be a slave to debt.

Escapting the Debt Spiral

Although Shane Filan, of Westlife fame, paved the way for his own misfortune through bad investment and lack of experience we ordinary mortals are just as at risk of dreaded life-changing debt.

Jennifer Hauser

Jennifer's lottery wins allowed her to escape the debt trap

Even people with promising careers and high wage packets tend to slip into the debt trap and suffer for years with the burden of debt repayments.

So, even though Jennifer Hauser had spent many years building up a successful career as a producer for CNN she was certainly no exception.

For years Jennifer struggled with mounting debt which she says was a major drain on her personal resources and that was also stressful in the extreme.

The pressure placed on us by society to keep up with the jones and also openly project our success through material possessions lead Jennifer, like many others, into debt that continued to grow.

Therefore although Jennifer had built up a very successful career with a very good salary she, just like the majority of hard-working Americans, had fallen into a cycle of debt and never-ending debt repayments.

But in November of 2011 all that changed.

What’s The Real Deal?

The truth is simple; the lottery is a game of probabilities.

It is not a game of chance.

“So what”, you may say. “How does that simple truth benefit me?”

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