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Can You Honestly Guarantee a Lotto Win?

Imagine for a moment that a mind that was smart enough to acquire a Ph.D. in mathematics had successfully devised a probability engine so powerful that it can predict winning lottery numbers.

Do you think that Ph.D. would use such a mathematical genius system to become rich?

You bet he would!

What if I told you that such a person actually exists. There is a real, live, flesh and blood buy with a Ph.D. in Mathematics that has indeed created a lottery system which he used to win big 5 times on the lottery. Three of his big wins came directly one after the other.

Are you interested in learning more about this mathematical genius?

Mathematical Conundrums

Anyone who has never really studied or taken an interest in mathematics will tend to believe that lotto games, or lotteries in general, are based on pure luck.

Do you believe that as a lottery player you are either lucky enough to win or you aren’t.


How can you win the lottery?

If it is all about luck then why do some have better luck than others?

With odds of 14 million to 1 against winning a jackpot prize on a standard 6 from 49 lotto draw winners do appear to be extremely lucky.

But how does luck alone account for the multiple lottery winners? How can someone be so lucky that they “accidently” beat odds of 18 septillion (18 followed by 24 zeros – 18,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) to 1?

Unfortunately, we are lead to believe that winning on the lottery is about having loads of luck and only luck is responsible for a winner’s gains. This is reinforced by the media and the lottery companies themselves.

Lottery companies release pointless and depressing data statistics such as the fact that if you buy a standard ticket for the weekend draw on a Monday, for a 6 from 49 lotto play (like the UK lottery), you have a better chance of dying before the draw takes place than you do of winning the jackpot prize?

However, although this may be true it only applies to a ticket with randomly chosen numbers. It is only this type of a ticket, which most people buy, which gives you a staggeringly low chance of winning with odds of only 14 million to 1.

There are smarter ways to play that can increase your odds by millions to one!

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