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We All Love Statistics

Any sports fan will tell you that there is power in statistics. If you want to know who should bat look at their stats. Who is the best line defence in the NFL? If you want to know look at the player’s stats.

Who is the best “benched” striker the manager of a specific soccer team should use when his star forward gets insured after going 1-nil down?

Look at their stats!Using statistics and calculating odds can be very interesting and advantageous in some circumstances but can be totally useless in others.

There are many good examples of interesting facts and stats that are not very relevant to our everyday lives.

For example, did you know, that in 1985 the official NASA statistical probability for an accident to occur to a space shuttle was 100,000 to 1.

However, after the Challenger disaster the odds rose dramatically to 100 to 1!

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Beating The Stats

Statistics can tell us the best course of action many times.


Solskjær holds the record for the most goals scored by a substitute in one match

For instance, statistically speaking, if you buy a lottery ticket for a weekend draw on a Monday you have a better chance of being dead by the time of the draw than you do of winning the jackpot!

With statistics like that it is a wonder that anyone even bothers playing.

So imagine how amazing it was to everyone (and how amazing it still is) when a guy used his $1000 lottery winnings to buy a ticket that won him $1 million!

The odds of this happening are astronomical.

A very lucky guy indeed.

However most of us are just not that lucky. For every guy that is lucky there are 14,000,000 of us who are not. relying on luck alone is a fool’s game. Take Ray Otero as a prime example.

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