We have all locked ourselves out of the house at one stage or another by forgetting to lift our house keys. Some of us have even forgotten to take the keys from the ignition before locking the car doors. Most of us have forgotten at least one person’s birthday or special occasion. So, you would not blame anyone for being a bit forgetful. But how does someone forget they won $23 million on the lotto?

Forget Me Not

We all forget things. Most of the time the things we forget are small and of no real consequence. Many times we never remember and our life goes on as usual. For one woman this was almost not the case and could have spelt disaster for her dreams of a better life.

On November 2nd 2012 the California Lottery reported that an L.A. female very nearly missed her opportunity to cash in a lottery ticket worth $23,000,000 because she forget she had even entered the draw.

It seems the mystery lady had purchased her jackpot winning ticket during a short stop to a liquor store on a routine journey and had inadvertently left the ticket in her car. On her way back from Palmdale she completely forgot to take the ticket into her home and it stayed locked in the car’s glove compartment untouched for 5 months.

Luckily, we live in the 21st Century and surveillance cameras at the store picked up the winner’s image which was broadcast across the State and printed in local newspapers in an attempt to alert the winner that they had the winning ticket.

$23 million winner image from Surveillance camera

Still Image of $23 million winner
taken from Surveillance camera footage

Daughter to the Rescue

It was the woman’s daughter who was first altered to the potential win when she saw a still image of, what looked like her mum, buying the winning ticket that had been printed in a local paper.

She immediately sent her mother a copy of the picture via her smart-phone.

Recognising the store and her own clothing and image the lady immediately went to her car and retrieved the winning ticket.

With only 180 days to claim a lotto prize in the State of California this lucky winner was just 24 days away from losing her 23 million dollar jackpot prize.

Moral of the Story

Always check your tickets. Never leave them lying around.

The amount of unclaimed winnings in lotteries across the country, and across the world, would astound you.

Most unclaimed lottery winnings are due to people not checking their tickets and eventually either losing them or just throwing them away when they find old outdated entries.

Don’t let this happen to you!