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2. Game of Luck?
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Game of Luck or Game of Probabilities?

The lottery is about luck.

Of course it is.

Not many people would dispute that (except a few multiple winners that have in the past).

However, the truth about the matter may be a little easier to understand when you review a 5 time lottery jackpot winner’s statement when he said “the more I play, the luckier I get.”

Playing the Probability Card

You see people who know how to deal with probabilities recognise that the lottery is not just based on luck.

The lottery game itself is based on probabilities. Any game that relies or is based on probabilities follows very specific laws.

Anything that has laws can be studied and those laws can be learned. When you learn how to work with laws then you can be fairly sure of specific actions.

We all know that any law can be bent or broken.

Many past lottery winners claim that they have learned the laws of the lottery and also learned how to beat them.

Would you like to know how they did it?

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