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Fighting Against The Odds

What would you think of a guy who earned a regular working man’s wage but spent most of it on lottery tickets?

Well there is a New York man who does just that. Ray Otero foolishly believes that buy ploughing his money into lottery tickets he is increasing his chances of winning a jackpot prize with each purchase (by sheer number of tickets).

The truth is that, statistically, buying more tickets, that are chosen randomly and not using a mathematical system, does not increase your chances of winning a prize in the lottery at all!

Do you know that if you buy a 6 from 49 lottery ticket, like those sold on the UK National Lottery, on a Monday that you have a statistically better chance of being dead on Saturday than winning the lottery jackpot?

The Odds of Winning The Jackpot

You see unfortunately the odds of winning the jackpot, using a standard ticket selected in a normal fashion, in such a draw are fourteen million to one while the odds of being dead before the draw even takes place are much, much lower.

The odds of being killed by lightening are 2650000 to 1

The odds of being killed by lightening are 2650000 to 1

In fact you even have a better chance of becoming a saint or being killed by lightning!

It makes no difference how many tickets you buy.

If each one is chosen randomly then each one will have the same low odds.

Therefore Ray Otero’s approach does not increase his odds of winning a top prize, or any prize for that matter.

However, when you use a statistical probability approach to playing and work with the odds rather than against them something very interesting happens.

Let’s take a wheeling system as an example of how we can use the law of probability to our advantage.

Wheeling Numbers

Wheeling numbers for the lottery greatly improves your chances of winning a prize. For example, just by adding 1 extra number to your pick for a 6 from 49 draw (like the UK lottery) has an amazing effect on the probability of you winning.

Lottery Wheeling

Wheeling systems almost guarantee a win when used correctly

Although wheeling means you must buy more lottery tickets it also ensures you have a much, much higher chance of winning a top lottery prize. It also ensures you win multiple prizes when you match 3 or more numbers. Plus, the likelihood of you winning match 3 and match 4 prizes is very high using this system.

In the UK lottery just wheeling an extra number (so you pick 7 numbers instead of the standard 6) you reduce your odds of winning the jackpot from 14,0000,000 to 1 to only 500,000 to 1!

There are other lottery systems which offer even better odds but just think, if Ray Otero had played 6 from 49 draws and used a wheeling system, instead of buying random tickets, he could well have won the lottery a few times over by now!

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