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1. The Syndication Approach for a Lottery Win
2. Failing To Plan is Planning To Fail
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Failing To Plan is Planning To Fail

Although the next statement may seem counter-intuitive it is nevertheless alarmingly true. You see, lottery syndicates who fail to use the true power of their syndicate to “wheel” their numbers and who merely purchase tickets in the normal way have no better a chance of winning than a solo player with just one randomly chosen ticket – regardless of how many tickets they buy!

To show you how a syndicate can increase their chances of winning the lottery I will use a standard lotto draw like the National Lottery in Great Britain as an example.

This lottery is a 6/49 draw.

To have a better chance of winning a syndicate should “wheel” their lottery numbers.

For just a £28 stake used on 28 tickets produced by a lottery wheel of 7 selected numbers (instead of the usual 6) a syndicate can increase their odds of winning the jackpot from a staggering 1 in 14 million to a 1 in half a million – all through the power of wheeling their numbers.

If this is the effect of using just 7 numbers imagine what can be achieved by wheeling 8, 9 or 10 numbers!

How Wheeling Works

Wheeling numbers works in a simple way.

Let’s say you chose a 8 number wheel.

This means you can chose 8 numbers in the draw instead of the standard 6. If you successful select the 6 jackpot balls as part of your 8 number pick then it will be certain that those 6 numbers will appear together on at least one ticket. Obviously this means you have a better chance of picking the 6 winners because you get 8 shots at it.

Mega Millions Winners

Syndicate Winners

As a bonus, when you wheel numbers, you will also have many other tickets with combinations of the winning numbers on them.

Some tickets will have 3 of the numbers while others have 4 and 5 thus winning you multiple prizes both large and small.

Obviously the larger sized syndicates have better chances of winning the top prizes because they can wheel more numbers without having to suffer the financial restraints of the ticket costs.

Of course a smaller syndicate can always spend more money on tickets and wheel more numbers also if they are willing to invest more money into ticket purchases.

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