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1. Do Lottery Systems Actually Work?
2. Overcoming Scepticism
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Defying the Odds

Since the birth of the first mathematical-based games, like the lottery, there have been also been birthed many strategies designed to beat them.

Some mathematical systems designed to beat the odds in games of chance are so complicated that they defy logic while others are so simplistic that even a child could tell they will never work.

However, there have been a few lottery-beaters over the years that have defied the odds to win multiple times in top lottery draws.

Joan Ginther is a prime example of what it means to be “lucky”.

Larry Blair is another multiple winner who’s luck seemed to defy the very nature of the game.

Where these people lucky or do they know something that most other people will never know?

The Theory of Systems

Well for some past lottery winners landing their big wins had very little to do with luck and everything to do with mathematics!

The Theory of SystemsIt is far from a challenge to find an easily available lotto system or lottery software.

There are as many lotto systems out there as there are past lottery winners.

So the problem is not finding a lottery system, the problem lies in trying to find one that actually works!

It is natural for anyone to think that this is an almost impossible task.

Actually inventing a lottery system that works seems unbelievable to most people for 2 reasons.

  1. The lottery is designed so that almost every player loses in order that only 1 or 2 lucky people can win big (and the lottery company can make a huge profit).
  2. If such a system existed it would be kept secret.

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