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….continued from page 1 Playing the FieldBasically, because the lottery is game of mathematical percentages and probabilities it is entirely possible to use mathematical systems to help increase your odds of picking winning numbers. Using such systems you can choose more numbers than you would normally be able to, thus giving you a higher chance […]

Because the lottery is a game of chance with astronomical odds, that are heavily stacked against a player, many people wonder of it is really possible to learn how to win the lottery or if all systems designed for that aim are actually just scams. I will not start ranting about scam products and the […]

Playing The Smart WayIf you truly want to increase your odds of winning the lottery then you need to start playing smart, not playing more. You can actually increase your odds of winning on the lottery simply by manipulating certain mathematical laws. The law of probability is just one. You can employ this law very […]

Finding Lotto Software That WorksAlthough there are many ways to earn extra income ether are few ways to get rich, at least for the average Joe. For many people a jackpot lotto win represents a new life filled with luxuries, while being free from debt and financial burden. Luckily there is quite a bit of […]